Northern pine
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KVH, BSH prisms - northern pine

KVH prisms
KVH prisms

KVH NSi - industrial and unsightly quality

KVH prisms are 4-sided planed, dried, length-adjusted construction prisms designed for trusses, wooden houses, pergolas, roofing and other constructions. 

Wood, as a natural material, tends to display slight colour differences, healthy knots, waxes, slight curvature and other natural wood properties.

BSH prisms
BSH prisms

BSH Si - sightly quality

They are four-sided planed, laminated glued and length-connected prisms, made of dried pine lumber.

Laminated wood prisms are a proven building material designed especially for high-stressed building structures where high strength is required when using wood.

They are produced in standard lengths of 5, 8 and 13 m according to the client's requirements. The delivery time is 21 days.